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Tick Scanning

With the warmer months fast approaching, most of us will be outside enjoying the wonderful outdoor activities the PNW has to offer. Of course, our furry companions don’t want to be left out! Ticks are one of the many parasites that thrive during this time of year and will be looking for hosts to feed on. Checking your pet for ticks is crucial for preventing diseases they may carry, such as Lyme disease. Even if your pet is on a strict regimen that includes tick control, some products do not actually repel them. Scanning your pet by hand daily is the most effective way to identify if there is a problem to be addressed.

To make the most of your time, starting at one end of your pet and working your way down will ensure all areas are checked. Simply using your fingers to comb through their fur is effective to identify any signs of ticks, such as scabs or bumps. Applying light pressure as you scan will be enough to feel any such abnormalities. Don’t forget to examine under their ears and between their toes! Ticks may vary in size dependent on their age, type, and how recently they have eaten. If you find any ticks on your pets, call us and we will remove them.

How do you prevent ticks infecting your pets? There are many oral and topical products available that will do this. Unfortunately, there is not one product that will also kill fleas throughout their life cycle and deworm dogs. To accommodate our client’s needs and to offer the most complete protection for our patients, we will still be recommending Trifexis for flea, heartworm, and intestinal parasites. For ticks, we are proud to offer Preventic collars that are excellent for killing and detaching ticks for 90 days. Ask us about picking up a Preventic collar for your dog.

Photo Credits: Misty Trails Havanese, Shutterstock