March 27th, 2020

Due to the current health crisis, Spring Glen is now offering virtual appointments* with Dr. Hammond via Zoom from 8am-1pm! Zoom is a video communications platform that allows people to communicate with each other via webcam without leaving their homes.

*In a virtual setting we can provide the evaluation of wounds, watery/runny eyes, runny noses, rashes, and mild cases of vomiting and diarrhea. Please email Spring Glen at springglenvet@aol.com with your questions and concerns and we’ll see if a Zoom appointment is right for you and your pet!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a computer or mobile device with an enabled microphone and webcam/camera
  • Zoom downloaded on your computer or mobile device (https://zoom.us/signup). It’s free!
  • an active email address

  • Here’s how it works:
    1. Client emails Spring Glen with concern.
    2. Zoom doctor determines if concern is applicable to a Zoom appointment.
    3. Once approved, Spring Glen calls to set up Zoom appointment and confirms contact email.
    4. Client is emailed the Zoom “join a meeting” link. (If the client has not downloaded Zoom prior to accepting this invitation, this link will also direct client to the download screen and ask you to click “run.”)
    5. Client joins Zoom meeting at their appointment time with their pet by clicking “join with video” followed by “join with audio” and pet is evaluated via webcam.
    6. Once Zoom consult is over, Spring Glen will call to take payment over the phone.**

    **Please note, after Dr. Hammond consults with you during your virtual Zoom appointment, your pet may need necessary medications that are to be filled and picked up from the Spring Glen Pharmacy. If Dr. Hammond feels that your pet needs a more thorough exam or laboratory diagnostics, you will be directed to make an in-person appointment. The Zoom appointment fee will be waived after your pet completes an in-person appointment.

    These Zoom appointments will take place from 8am-1pm so that, if needed, we can fit you in to the Spring Glen office schedule as soon as possible and to allow you (and us) enough time to get your pet’s medications ready.

    Please be patient with us and understand that this is a learning experience for us as well. There are bound to be a few glitches, hiccups, crashes, chaos, and occasional interruptions (probably from Dr. Hammond’s cats). Call us if you are experiencing difficulties or have any questions. We appreciate your patience and look forward to exploring this new facet of veterinary medicine with you!

    Thank you all so much for your continued understanding and for doing your part to keep the community safe and healthy.

    Best Wishes,
    The Doctors and Staff at Spring Glen