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Summer Heat Safety

The sun has finally arrived and it is here with a vengeance! With no time to really adjust to this sudden temperature shift, it can be a difficult transition for our pets. The patient in the image to the right was treated recently for heat stroke. To help avoid a trip to the clinic or emergency hospital, we have outlined some key points to help you and your pet stay safe.

When you are running errands in the hot weather, please leave your pets at home. Even when the temperatures are in the 60’s, it can get too hot in your car for your pets.

Exercise your pet in the morning or evening. Try to avoid any vigorous activity during the hottest part of the day. Remember pavement can get hot during the day and your dog isn’t wearing shoes.

If you leave your dog in the yard while you are away from home, make sure they have plenty of water and shade.

There are many products in stores or online to help keep your pets cool, from collars to crate pads.

Hopefully these tips will help keep summer enjoyable for both you and your pet!